Setting File Permissions on a Folder Using Group Policy

You can configure file permissions on a folder for a user, by configuring a Group Policy setting in Windows Server 2003/2008. This setting is located under
"Computer Configuration" " Windows Settings" "Security Settings" "File System" Here is the procedure:

  1. Go to the location in the Group Policy listed above.
  2. Right-click File System.
  3. Click Add File.
  4. In the "Add a file or folder" window, select the folder (or file) for which you want the permissions to be set, (Although the path to the file or folder is, by default, pointing to the folders on the server, the path is relative to the client to whom this Group Policy will be applied. Simply type the path to the folder in the text box if you don't see the folder you need listed there.) and click OK.
  5. In the security box that pops up, you can add a user or a group that needs permission to the folder.
  6. You can also configure permission inheritance if you want. If you decide later to modify the permissions or inheritance, simply right-click the object in the right-hand pane and select Properties.