"Give Me Steam...." - Peter Gabriel

Be careful what you click. You might think you've found a cool-looking new game on Steam, but it could be computer-infesting malware in disguise. Yeah, scammers are imitating entire game pages now.

Over the weekend, the makers of psychedelic adventure game Octopus City Blues were surprised to discover a perfect copy of their Steam page (warning: the "demo" download on that page contains malware) sitting in the "concepts" section of Steam. Name, trailer, screenshots, description—everything. There was, however, one big difference between the eight-legged clone and developer Ghost In A Bottle's original slab of steamed cephalopod: updates that advertised an exciting new demo. Seven levels! An hour of playtime! They even mentioned the game's very not-fictional Kickstarter. Clearly, these jerks did their homework.