Holy Water Log, Batman!


So 2 years ago a friend of mine Shaun threw my dog in our pool. I without thinking using my "cat-like reflexes", jumped in to save her all while forgetting my cell phone in my pocket. I cried as my phone went "bye-bye" But here are a couple of ways to fix your phone.

First Option: Have your friend buy you a new one…that worked for me and was by far the easiest to do ;)

Second Option: (little more in-depth)

  1. Remove the power ASAP. Pull that Battery!!!
  2. Pull the sim card “if you have one!”
  3. Pour rubbing alcohol in to the device. Fill it or submerse the device in a bowl full of the alcohol and try to get out all the bubbles. Why rubbing alcohol? The alcohol displaces the water from the circuit boards.
  4. Soak the phone for just a few seconds to get it all in there. Now take the device and drain the alcohol from it. Shake it a bit to get as much of the liquid out as you can. You can also use air in a can to gently blow it out.
    Alcohol will evaporate on it’s own in a short amount of time. I often will continue to shake the item and inspect it to make sure it is dry. Note, sometimes you will have liquid in the LCD and this can be tricky trying to get it out, if the alcohol can displace it, it will help.
  5. Let sit for several hours to make sure it is very dry.
  6. Put the battery back in and see what happens, if it is done right after you pull the phone from the water you might survive. If you wait, corrosion will set in and the phone is most likely done-fore.

So, will this work every time? Nope. But it is your best bet to save that phone.