How to Create a FTP Site in IIS…OLD SCHOOL!

Configure the FTP server in IIS

  1. Start from the start Menu IIS Manager (Internet Information Services).

  2. Before you go into configuring the FTP site in IIS you need to create a directory on the server that will hold all data for the FTP site. You don't want that in the default location on drive C: because it could fill up our system drive. Open explorer and create a folder.

  3. Change the location where the FTP site should hold files. Right click the Default website and choose properties.

  4. Change the local path to the folder you created and check 'write' if you want to be able to write (upload) files.

  5. Choose the tab Security Accounts and uncheck 'Allow anonymous connections'. If you don't do this you will allow any anonymous user to connect to your FTP server and that is what you do not want. Click OK.

  6. This is a strange message because the FTP protocol on a Windows server never uses any encryption. Click yes to continue.

  7. You have now setup a basic FTP site and we can this it to see if it works. From the server open Internet Explorer and type in the address ftp://yourserverip.

  8. Type in the password and you will be granted access to the FTP site.