We have started a Youtube Channel. Dumbing IT Down and IG Account. The purpose of this channel is to GIVE BACK and to help families become more secure and safe when dealing with digital devices. After I got married and had three beautiful daughters I was left scrambling to provide as a father and husband but as a college drop out it was hard. So I decided to go back to college, tech college where I learned everything Microsoft as well as was introduced into security. The tech college skyrocketed me into my Ultimate Passion…. Teaching Tech to Others. Life was good, Family was Good, then that feeling you get when you realize how blessed your life has been and knocked us to our knees and we knew we had to GIVE BACK. Our family life was great YET….. While our life and family life was doing great, my wife and I knew it was time to do OUR part. We met a sibling group in need and adopted three boys, a 14-year-old, a 10-year-old and a 4-month-old. A couple of years an older brother assimilated into our clan. This is where Gabe comes in, he was the 4-month-old we adopted and our caboose. And he became the Robin to my Batman. Throughout my life, I have always got “those” calls, where friends and family needed my IT expertise with their devices. But lately, these calls became more serious and more urgent. “Dale, my 12 years old’s computer is filled with porn”, “Dale, my credit card was hacked”, “My social media account got hacked” Every fiber of my being was SCREAMING at me GIVE BACK, #giveback, GIVE BACK. My life’s passion changed on a dime, still teaching tech, but wanting to help teach others how to be safe with their tech. I started also on the side speaking to community and church events to help parents keep themselves and their kids safe. We are going to take IT concepts and Geek stuff and “dumbing” them down so that everyone can benefit from the knowledge that is swarming around in my head. I want to create a place where to share knowledge and resources to help you and your families be smart and safe with all these tech devices coming into our lives We will also be introducing new tech toys after they come available and we will share ways to help you and your family get the most of the technology that you already own. Also not only are we giving back by helping others with their technology, but we are also going to donate tech toys we review here to kids that are in need, kids like Gabe’s brothers in foster care. #techtips#familysafety#adoption