LastPass: I have 340 DIFFERENT passwords. How many do you have? Yep, I said THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY “DIFFERENT” Passwords. I let @LastPass create them for me and I am able to manage ALL of those passwords for me. Everyone wants you to set up a username and password and you usually use one of these three or four passwords because it is easy to remember BUT you need to have a DIFFERENT, yes I said DIFFERENT password for each account made because of data breaches. In this video, I show you how easy it is to install LastPass Start by downloading it here…

I have been a user longer than an affiliate but I am an affiliate so click on this link to help support this page to install LastPass. There are two versions of LastPass free which is great but there is also a paid version that is only $3/month, the biggest feature the paid version is that you are able to access it on mobile. And they also have a family account where you can have 6 users and share and store passwords between members. The best thing about LastPass is I can forget my passwords and worry about important information like my anniversary date. Wasn’t that easy? Now I just have to remember 1 password, it needs to belong at least 16 characters. I split up these videos to help break up the introduction and installation and LastPass features for easier for users.

Head over to the next video talking about installing and set up here:

LastPass’s features and their Vault

And here is a video for mobile set up

Data Breaches Video that I talk about is coming soon!

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