Is this for real? Yep, unique virtual card numbers for each online merchant does minimize your online shopping risk. But, let me be clear they aren’t without risk, they just reduce risk.

So how does this work? Well, virtual numbers that connect back to your original personal credit card number are assigned, and in some cases even allowing you to use a different virtual number for each online merchant. One of the biggest benefits of using virtual numbers is that if a merchant is hacked you just disable the virtual number associated with the merchant but all your other virtual numbers are still intact.

It certainly sounds great but for me, this feels extremely overwhelming. I can barely keep my digital data organized there is no way I could keep track of more numbers. Not this guy! But the good news for you and me, as I dug deeper into understanding how these virtual card numbers worked I learned that most banking institutions provide a managing service that will help us keep track of and manage our virtual card numbers, ENO with Capital One is such a service. Thank goodness. It’s great to know there is a way to help keep track of all the moving pieces of these new virtual cards.

I haven’t yet ventured into this sphere but when I do I’ll bring you along on the journey with me and we can learn together.

Has anyone tried using virtual card numbers yet? If so, how was your experience?

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