Who am I you might be asking – My name is Dale Meredith. Along with being a well-known security expert, I am also an IT trainer, author, and public speaker. I have been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 20+ years, and in 2004 I became a Certified Ethical Hacker and instructor for EC-Council. Early on in my career, I did ‘time’ in Senior IT Management roles but quickly realized my passion and expertise stemmed from teaching others about technology. My expertise is in explaining difficult concepts, or you might say I’m skilled at ‘Dumbing IT Down’. This helps to ensure my audience and students have actionable knowledge on today’s issues and technologies. My training classes and published IT courses are known to be quite memorable and entertaining as I certainly like to have fun whenever I’m in front of an audience or a classroom of students. 


My wife and I have been married for 34 years and have a pretty large and amazing family! I am a husband, dad, brother, and grandpa. My wife and I had three beautiful daughters and then adopted a sibling group of brothers. And yes, you heard right, I am Papa! A Grandpa to 10 kiddos!

My life’s priorities are first God, Family, Others (the human race), Information Technology, and Batman! You got it; Batman made the top 5. As you come to know me more through my social media sites, you will surely see how my day to day living comes to life around these 5 priorities. I share this personal side of me because it sets me up for the WHY… 

the Why?

Well, I am ‘THAT guy’. The one every neighbor, friend, relative, even strangers on the plane go to with worries about their kids on their devices accessing inappropriate content. I’m also ‘THAT guy’ who’s always being asked for IT security and privacy help. And THIS is where my passion lies – in helping others! I have been blessed in so many ways, and I’ve designed ‘Dale Dumbs IT Down’ social media sites to give back, to help others help themselves by taking IT concepts and Dumbing them down so all can benefit from the knowledge that is swarming in my head.


Ten years ago, I started non-profit speaking at local adult community gatherings, sharing what I know with others to help them be safe and smart with all the new IT devices infiltrating their world. After these non-profit community speaking events, many people come up to me or reach out asking for more. More knowledge, more information, and IT support more answers to their questions. These requests, along with my own personal experience of raising my own kids and grandkids in this tech infiltrated world, is the WHY, Why I created Dale Dumbs IT Down.  A platform where I could give back by sharing my knowledge, experiences, and resources to help others be smart and safe with the technology devices in their lives.