JOHNNY! Stop Wiping Your Device

So I had a student ask the question of: Can you remove the “Wipe remote device” feature from OWA. The last thing some of us want are users “experimenting”,so the answer is “Yes” and here’s how:

To do this, you can either using the Exchange Management Console and navigate to the Server Configuration node (on the left pane), Select Client Access, then under the OWA section click on the properties for the OWA vdir. Under the "Segmentation" tab select Exchange ActiveSync and click on the "disable" button.
You'll need to restart the IIS process to get the new settings updated in OWA.
Alternatively you ca use the Set-OWAVirtualDirectory task to do the same thing.

Here's an example:
Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity "Contoso\owa (default web site)" -ActiveSyncIntegrationEnabled:$False