IT Training

Dale’s expertise as a Microsoft and Security trainer stems from his ability to keep the content fun and entertaining while ensuring it’s real to life. Something he likes to call enter’train’ment. He excels in simplifying challenging concepts and helping his students identify how to take the knowledge back to their real world environments.

You can most often find Dale teaching for these well known popular training centers:

Check out what Dale’s students say about his live classes and online trainings:
  • "Super Dale, thank you for this course. It opened my eyes to some of the stuff on my system and I have since done a full wipe and reset. Much cleaner now - and I check every link, PDF, archive, and download, and run my updates and scans daily! But the most important thing you've taught me is that no matter how often I run my scans or update my system, the possibility of being vulnerable is still out there - so being cautious, alert, and having good judgement are most important. Cheers!"

  • "Hi Dale, Thank you very much for very interesting,funny and never boring sessions! :) Looking forward for more of your courses."

  • "Hi @SuperDale, Thank you for the amazing course. I love your superhero references, quotes and even some of your jokes ;)
    I am currently an iOS developer, but might consider making a move to the cyber security world. I will definitely watch all 20 Ethical Hacking courses during the next few month"

  • "I've taken a lot of online courses for my own personal development, and this was by far one of the best. Clearly breaking down each section and giving your personal examples really helped me to soak in the information. Thank you for taking the time to but this together and share your knowledge."

  • "Hi Dale! Your way of explaining stuff is awesome.. You made the course more interesting and entertaining :) Now I'm done with this course.. What should be my next Course? "

  • “Hey Dale, I took a CEH course from you last May. It’s been some heavy months of study for me, but I thought you’d like to know that yesterday I passed the exam on my first try! Thanks for being such a great instructor! I really enjoyed the class a ton and thought 5 days is barely enough to scratch the surface of this area of IT, you gave me a great foundation to build on. I don’t think I could have passed it without having an awesome instructor! – So thanks!”

  • Dale is an effective and innovative trainer who is experienced in advanced adult training techniques. He is very professional in his manner and interactions with colleagues and students. He is always well prepared for his classes and interjects realistic experiences and analogies in his presentations. Dale uses excellent communication skills to present technical information in a concise fashion while taking into account multiple learning styles. His students find it easy to understand complicated concepts and techniques. They often request him to teach their other courses because he knows how to make learning new information fun and interesting. (I nicknamed him “Super Dale” because he seems to be able to do it all with such ease).

  • “Dale truly does an amazing job in instructing his courses. Dale makes me feel more the comfortable asking questions, and more importantly, explained the answer until I fully understood the answer. Typically, however, these explanations didn’t take very long as he has a very special way of explaining things simply and thoroughly, no matter the complexity of the subject matter”

  • “I don’t know what kind of background or training Dale has in education, but he truly has a gift. Aside from his amazing teaching abilities, Dale is also a very cordial and seems to honestly care about the success of his students.”

  • “It’s obvious that Dale understands the material inside and out. This conclusion is based on his ability to convey the material so well and answer any question that comes his way. If Dale didn’t know the question, he was honest enough to admit it, but in return he would find the answer.”

  • "Dale is a natural talented trainer who has truly found his niche in life. It’s easy to see that with Dale’s expertise of technical knowledge, dedication to his students and enjoyable sense of humor, he is the favorite instructor at our training center. He is well liked by everyone he comes in contact with. On any given day you will often find students hanging around him as much as possible -- they just can’t seem to get enough of him!"

  • Dale does a great job of keeping his classes interested and motivated to learn. He keeps the class orderly and on task, but isn’t afraid to have fun in the meantime. A great instructor who always uses real world examples to explain the concepts."

  • “Dale is a huge asset to this organization and I have had few instructors that possess the skills that he demonstrates. Dale Rocks”

  • “Dale always does a great job teaching. He is patient and thorough in his explanations.”

  • “Dale did a great job, he recognized that we were more advanced so he stepped it up for us. He went more in depth, he is great at adapting.”

  • “Dale keeps the energy high in his classes with magic tricks, stupid trivia questions and of course let’s not forget the yo-yo breaks. I would recommend this instructor to all my colleagues ”

  • “Great explanations. I haven’t had a teacher yet who was as good at helping students learn.”

  • “Completely awesome instructor.”

  • “This course has been the most beneficial. Dale tied everything we had learned together. He did a great job, as always”

  • “Dale is one of the better teachers I have had in my past two years of training.”

  • “As a tenured teacher myself, Dales teaching techniques are some of the best that I have ever seen.”

  • “Dale was very instrumental in his teachings and theory, relating subjects to familiarize in everyday scenarios.”

  • “Dale has been the best instructor of all the classes I have taken.”